Ceramic Glaze Closeup
You're not dirty, you're covered in stone.
― Unknown

Planter With a small attached dish for drainage this is going to make a great home for a little house plant.  Now to determine what will occupy its inner space.


series4Throwing very tall forms can be quite challanging, especially with steep curves and sharp angles. One way around some of those limitations is throwing sections and then joining those sections once they can support the added weight and angles.  A close shot of the glazing reveals some metallic sparkle that really pops in the sunlight.series1series2series5

Chalice Rim Dip
This form features a floating blue rim dip that is featured in the above picture. The bulbous top allows for the maximum volume in the smaller form. The floating blue drips over the matte lilac glaze on the outside and blends into the black and green in the interior. Enjoy!